More recently after graduating I have begun establishing myself as an independent designer maker, setting up my own studio space and continuing to design minimalist homewares. 

I have continued to develop my personal style and aesthetic alongside my products. Switching from porcelain clay to parian has allowed me to leave my work 'unglazed' yet non porous surfaces which allow for a marble like smooth finish on all areas of the objects. This allows each piece to hold liquids while maintaining its natural materiality throughout. 

Further along in the year I aim to have an online store to make it as easy as possible to purchase work, and focus on expanding the studio and object line in order to build and further explore my own design style. 


Studio S27, Many Studios

3 Ross Street

Glasgow, GB

G1 5AR


Tel: 07853951513

Email: info@scttcrawford.com


Ello: scttcrawford

Instagram: @scttcrawford

LinkedIn: /scttcrawford

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