My graduating year at university was one in which I really began to push and develop my personal style and brand. The first three years of art school for me were based around experimenting with materials and process, and being fairly changeable with thought processes and design concepts. Heading into my Honours year, this changed, with the realisation that I needed to make key decisions quickly on what I wanted to do in the present. I honed my style down by looking at brands that heavily influence both my aesthetic and design process, and looking at the key areas of design which I wanted to engage with (such as architecture and interior product design).

The products pictured are selected objects and concepts created for the contemporary minimalist home, as part of my Degree Show collection in the summer of 2017. Materials range from Porcelain and Terracotta ceramic works to Scottish Sycamore and Brass pieces, all of which were selected due to their relation with Scotland historically, and for their warm colour. 


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